What can I expect from your website?

Our Website was created for those who are interested in destination Weddings in Greece. We are proud to say that we are the first local Wedding Vendor platform in Greece. In our site you can find Wedding Venues, Wedding Planners, Wedding Photographers, Videographers and more.

That being said, we know everything about weddings in Greece!

Same-sex weddings in Greece

In Greece we have a saying: “Love unites the whole world”. In our country, love has no boundaries and we embrace everybody.

Our Vendors can organize your ceremony in Athens, any Greek island or sailboat to make it an amazing experience. Even though same-sex weddings are not legally recognized in Greece, you can still enjoy the full marriage service with all the extras!

Legal requirements to get married in Greece

People from all over the world can legally marry in Greece. The paperwork required is a little different if you’re having a civil or religious wedding. The certificates you’ll need also vary, depending on your citizenship, where you live and the region in Greece you want to marry.

We want a symbolic Wedding in Greece

A symbolic wedding are ideal for couples from abroad who want to get married in a beautiful location without having to go through the rigid paperwork procedures that apply for a legal ceremony.

The cost of a wedding in Greece

The wedding cost depend on many factors and can vary from a few to many thousands of euros. If you’re working with a particular budget then consider planning in the low (winter) or middle (early spring, late fall) season as this can save you a bit of money on venue rentals and other vendors, as well as accommodation expenses.

The best season for a wedding in Greece?

Greece is a all-year-around destination for travel and weddings.

May, June, and September: summer wedding with cooler weather.

July and August: beach weddings, but remember this is the hottest months of the year.

September to November: pleasantly warm temperatures.