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Mneme Photography

Our top photographer Alicia Ioannou is located in Athens but available for Weddings all over Greece!

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Wedding Photographer MnemePhotography

Wedding Photographer MnemePhotography

Wedding photographer Alicia Ioannou – MnemePhotography My name is Alica, I’m half-Cypriot, half-German. Since I was a teenager I have been fascinated in photography and four years ago I followed my enthusiasm and turned this passion into my profession. I
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Same-sex Wedding in Greece

Same-sex Wedding in Greece

The wedding industry in Greece is booming. No matter if you are planning a big wedding or a small one, there are endless options for every possible guest count at every possible budget. Greece has been named as the best
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Getting Married in Greece

Getting Married in Greece

Get married in Greece by the help of our professional community, join our Facebook group today!
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Wedding Photographers

Choosing your Wedding Photographer might be a bit tricky when you have many options. Our best advice is to check the portfolios. If you love the previous work you will love the result of your own wedding photos.

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The biggest challenge I had when planning my wedding in Greece was finding the right company to work with. I wish I had access to this supplier listing then!


Wedding 2017

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I’m excited to find and compare services and prices. Before Wedding Stories Greece, I knew that finding a wedding professional needed a lot of planning!


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Amazing platform to get started! Thanks guys, keep up the amazing work! I highly recommend Wedding Stories Greece to those who are interested in promoting their business.